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Radioeinbau Komplett Kit, Radioblende + Lenkradinterface + Ant. Adapter zu Ford

Modell: Ranger 16>22

Artikelnummer: 573960

Einheit: Kit.

CHF 344.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

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Manufacturer Model Note Year From Year To Headunit Connection
Ford Ranger Navigation Unit 2016 2022 SYNC 3

Manufacturer Specific


Ford Ranger 2016-2021 Head Unit Integration For vehicles with SYNC 3 Navigation units

Complete installation kit which allows the user to update their in-car entertainment system to a new aftermarket unit whilst retaining a whole host of features and functions which would have previously had been lost with the factory unit. The interface which comes with the kit not only retains the use of the steering wheel controls, but also enables the retention of vehicle settings and functions which include the climate control functionality and display, park pilot functionality, as well as the original vehicle camera (if vehicle is equipped).


Kit includes vehicle interface, antenna adapter, universal stereo connection lead, double-DIN fascia adapter finished in matte black, USB & AUX retention lead and mounting accessories for fitment.


Features -


  • Retain vehicles steering wheel compatibility with an aftermarket head unit. This includes: Volume (on both SWC and dash), Track (on both upper/lower SWC and dash), Voice Assist, Mute, Pick Up/Hang Up, Source. Also use of “Eject” button allows access of Configuration Menu.
  • Retains and re-creates the climate control system/compatibility. Use previous dashboard control (volume knob) to control all via the new head unit display.
  • Enables configuration of select vehicle settings which would have been lost with a conventional head unit replacement kit. Attributes include: Ambient lighting, Time/Date, Enhanced Park Pilot, Climate Control Overlap Timeout, Climate Control Screen Timeout, Camera Delay, Reverse Priority, Time Format.
  • Retains the OEM camera feed, or allows the addition of a new aftermarket camera (if applicable).
  • Retains and re-creates the original ‘Park Pilot’ system, with ability to control view alongside OEM camera.
  • Retains and re-creates the original ‘Park Assist’ system.
  • Retains the ability to change and tailor the LED lighting within the footwell/centre console/handles.
  • Fully customizable interface allows you to set the screen position/size as well as the brightness and contrast of the screen.
  • Includes a myriad of languages which include English, French, German, Spanish and more.
  • The interface has been designed so that it doesn’t affect the control and usability of the MFD screen. Thus meaning that it still enables the use of the MFD screen separately when interacting with your steering wheel controls.


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