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Aktiv Sound Adapter PORSCHE Cayenne Bj. 2003 > 2010

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MOST Optical Aktiv Bose Soundsystem Interface für Porsche Fahrzeuge

Artikelnummer: 571637

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CHF 999.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

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The MOST-H.U.R. (Head Unit Replacement) allows the user to install a feature-rich aftermarket radio while retaining the factory amplifier and converting audio signal to the factory fiber optic system. This is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade sound quality and features without performing “major surgery” to the vehicle. The HUR module also provides Vehicle Speed Sense (VSS out), 12v Reverse (out), hand/foot brake (out) and Illumination (out) for convenience.  Steering wheel controls are also available, but only for Alpine* and Kenwwod** radios.

 * (Currently not compatible with the ILX-F259, ILX-F309, ILX-W650, INE-W977 & INE-W987 radios.)
** (Currently not compatible with Kenwood radios manufactured in 2018 or newer.)
Note: Due to the overwhelming amount of different radio models, there is no way to verify steering wheel control compatibility for any specific radio model, though most radio models are compatible.


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