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Fahrzeugspezifische PKW Kamera zu AUDI Q7 Bj. 2005 > 2015

Verfügbarkeit: 4-7 Arbeitstage
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Fahrzeugspezifische PKW NTSC Griffleisten-Kamera zu Audi

Modell: A3 03>13, A4 04>16, A6 04>11, Q7 05>15

Artikelnummer: 570820

Einheit: Stk.

CHF 217.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

Hinweis: Bitte überprüfen Sie die Gegebenheiten des Artikels mit jenen des Fahrzeuges um sicherzustellen das der Artikel passend ist.


Make Model Model Note Years Headunit Connector
Audi A3   2003 – 2013 8P OEM Specific
Audi A4   2004 – 2016 B7/B8 OEM Specific
Audi A6   2004 – 2011 4F OEM Specific
Audi Q7   2005 – 2015 4L OEM Specific


The CAM-AU4 is a Replacement Boot Handle Reverse Camera for various Audi models (For specific model information please view the Vehicle Applications). The unit replaces the vehicles original boot handle with a camera built into the housing. The CAM-AU4 features a 1/3” CMOS image sensor, 720 x 480 resolution and 170 degree viewing angle, this combination not only adds visual safety to the rear of the vehicle but also keeps the original aesthetics.

Product Specifications:
• 1/3” CMOS sensor
• 720 x 480 resolution (NTSC)
• Wide Angle Lens
• 12V DC operating voltage
• IP67 rated waterproof
• Viewing angle: 90 ° vertical / 170 ° horizontal
• Parking Guidelines (removable)

Vehicle Application:
2003-13 Audi A3
2004-16 Audi A4
2004-11 Audi A6
2005-15 Audi Q7


Fahrzeug Hersteller AUDI Q7