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Bluetooth A2DP Interface PEUGEOT 607 Bj. 2002 > 2004

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Bluetooth A2DP Interface für diverse Peugeot Modelle

Peugeot 206 02>09 / 307 02>05 / 406 02> / 607 02>04 / 807 02>05

Artikelnummer: 564999

Einheit: Stk.

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Vehicle application guide

ManufacturerModelNoteYear FromYear ToHeadunitConnection
Peugeot 206   2002 2009 VDO/Clarion RD3 Mini ISO
Peugeot 307   2002 2005 VDO/Clarion RD3 Mini ISO
Peugeot 406   2002   VDO/Clarion RD3 Mini ISO
Peugeot 607   2002 2004 VDO/Clarion RD3 Mini ISO
Peugeot 807   2002 2005 VDO/Clarion RD3 Mini ISO


Peugeot Bluetooth A2DP/Bluetooth Interface allows plug and play connectivity to your OEM head unit. The interface plugs into the OEM CD changer port, allowing A2DP music streaming and handsfree functions, as well as a 5V USB charging port and Aux input.

Features & Benefits

  • Plugs into the original CD changer port on the rear of the car stereo (Not for FM based products), therefore offering high quality audio
  • Allows connection of any audio device with 3.5mm headphone or RCA socket
  • Stream music wirelessly via A2DP to your OEM car stereo from your smartphone
  • Answer and end calls through the FF (Fast Forward) button on your car stereo
  • Please check the connections in the vehicle match the harness you are purchasing


Fahrzeug Hersteller PEUGEOT 607