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Bluetooth A2DP Interface AUDI A8 Bj. 1998 > 2002

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Bluetooth A2DP Interface

Diverse Audi Modelle mit Concert/Chorus/Symphony und Mini ISO

Artikelnummer: 556811

Einheit: Stk.

CHF 229.00 inkl. 8.1 MWST

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Vehicle application guide

ManufacturerModelNoteYear FromYear ToHeadunitConnection
Audi A2   1999 2005 Concert/Chorus/Symphony Mini ISO
Audi A3   1998 2005 Concert/Chorus/Symphony Mini ISO
Audi A4   1997 2005 Concert/Chorus/Symphony Mini ISO
Audi A6   1998 2004 Concert/Chorus/Symphony Mini ISO
Audi A8   1998 2002 Concert/Chorus/Symphony Mini ISO
Audi TT   1998 2006 Concert/Chorus/Symphony Mini ISO


Audi Bluetooth A2DP/Bluetooth Interface - allows plug and play connectivity to your OEM head unit. The interface plugs into the OEM CD changer port, allowing A2DP music streaming and handsfree functions, as well as a 5V USB charging port and Aux input.

Features & Benefits

  • Plugs into the original CD changer port on the rear of the car stereo (Not for FM based products), therefore offering high quality audio
  • Allows connection of any audio device with 3.5mm headphone or RCA socket
  • Stream music wirelessly via A2DP to your OEM car stereo from your smartphone
  • Answer and end calls through the FF (Fast Forward) button on your car stereo
  • Please check the connections in the vehicle match the harness you are purchasing


Fahrzeug Hersteller AUDI A8